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The Challenge:

The issue of water scarcity is affecting an increasing number of Alberta businesses and individuals. As part of the recently implemented South Saskatchewan River Basin (SSRB) Water Management Plan (the "SSRB Plan") Alberta Environment has imposed a moratorium and no longer accepts new water licence applications to draw water from the Bow, Oldman, and South Saskatchewan River sub-basins. The issue is not confined to Southern Alberta. New projects in northern Alberta such as mining and oil sands operations will consume increasing quantities of water from the Athabasca and other area rivers. Looking forward, National Energy Board publications acknowledge that demand from planned mining operations will soon exceed the capacity of the Athabasca River.

Water is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity in Alberta. In particular, the moratorium is forcing new users of surface water outside of urban centers to contract directly with existing licence holders in order to acquire water rights.

How to Acquire Water Rights:

New users may acquire water entitlements by transfer from existing licence holders. Some existing users and licence holders may also wish to acquire additional water rights in order to supplement their entitlements and ensure that they are not cut off during dry periods.

Existing licence holders may be pleased to know that their entitlements are of economic value and may be transferable. New users may have to pay more to acquire entitlements but may also benefit from the increased security of supply attached to older licences, which are less susceptible to being suspended or cut off during dry periods. Older licences have more secure supply because the Water Act is based upon a first-in-time, first-in-right priority system where newer licences have last priority when there is not enough water to go around.

Water Transfer Alberta Can Help:

We help new users get water rights and we help existing licence holders realize value. Through our extensive network of contacts in the industry, we can find buyers and sellers and solve problems quickly.
Our extensive knowledge of the transfer process means that our clients risks are minimized and rewards are maximized.

Our Rates:

Depending on services required, our fees are based on hourly rates or commission basis.



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